Thursday, December 22, 2011

new batch coming for a new year

Exciting times here at the Skell basement, as a new year will bring a new batch of tapes after a period of some inactivity. We will have a c 30 from Cruudeuces, a split c35 from Fossils from the Sun vs. Parashi and Xanthocephalus, and a c42 from Toning. The pic of the new batch is courtesy of Eric Hardiman.

SK-007--Cruudeuces Various Skin Figurines
SK-008--Fossils from the Sun vs. Parashi/Xanthocephalus Dark Matter/COYE
SK-009--Toning Paranormal Romance

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Xanthocephalus--s/t CD (SK-006)

A xanthocephalus is a yellow blackbird. Like its namesake, this project is not what it seems on the surface. Churning, dissonant, and noisy to be sure, but possessed of a surreal calm within its roaring texture that gives a subtle depth to all of its storm and clatter. Mastered by Chris Lapke at Hospital Productions.

Urkas--Should Hostile Aircraft Be Seen CD (SK-005)

Urkas return, with the sounds of entanglement. Huge washes of synth noise are battered by massive low-end particles drifting away from a central, malformed nucleus. The memory of abandoned places, the moldy footprints of discarded idols, and paranoia all coexist within us....this is our space, in a universe that never stops expanding.

Parashi year-end mention in Foxy Digitalis

We're quite happy in Skell's basement these days, it was a good year this year.....and to cap it all off Parashi's The Wine Is Safer Than the Water grabbed a spot on Eric Hardiman's Best of 2010 list in the category of best cd-r. Thanks to Eric and all at Foxy Digitalis.