Thursday, November 1, 2012

Skullorian Sound Sculptures--Keseruseg c60 (Skell 013)

Skullorian Sound Sculptures' Thomas Gerendas has been a busy man this year. While handling the artwork for Ghetto Naturalist Series (the outstanding label that he runs with Cruudeuces' Nathaniel Brennan), he's also managed to drop a solid collab tape with Sicsic Tapes headman Daniel Voigt. Here Gerendas returns under his more familiar alias of Skullorian, bringing forth 60 minutes of his trademark murky, scuzzy noise trickery. Sounds appear and disappear, they float and stumble together, and it all flows like liquid concrete. Before long, the tape is finished, and all that's left are the questions.... Edition of 50, pro-dubbed. $7 ppd. US, $8 rest of world. Image manipulation/design by Julie Watts.

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