Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hering und seine sieben Sachen/Parashi split c40 (Skell 016)

Daniel Voigt is well known in the underground as the man behind the wonderful Sicsic Tapes label. His Hering und seine sieben Sachen tape on Cae-sur-a from 2011 was one of my favorite releases by that fine label, and he has subsequently released material on Cosmic Winnetou and Sicsic. Voigt's side of this split tape (entitled "Desiring Machines" utilizes four walkman cassette recorders as the primary sound sources, augmented by pedals and mixer treatments, and it's a zoned-out beauty of a piece. Drones, voices, and odd sonic interjections all flow together into a ceaselessly interesting, rapidly-shifting river of sound.

Parashi's menacing sonic collages have appeared on labels like Tranquility Tapes, Stunned, and House of Alchemy. These two tracks feature modular synthesizer and a variety of tape sources, chopped and mangled beyond recognition. Parashi's side (entitled "Sigil of the Shining Man" was recorded live at Heron Room North in 2013. These two pieces delve into the darker regions of the psyche, an area where the subconscious mind is the ruler of all it surveys. Edition of 100. $7 ppd. US, $12 ppd. rest of world.

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