Monday, June 20, 2016

Grab Ass Cowboys/\Parashi--Cosmic Microwave Background collab CDR (Skell 022)

Albany's Grab Ass Cowboys and Parashi go back awhile....having played several shows together over the years, each noise unit was familiar with the other's sounds and idiosyncrasies. Mutual admiration spilled over into plans for a collaborative effort. Brass and wind instruments were abused, metal was scraped and pounded, random vocal lines and synth textures were coaxed out of reluctant equipment. The end result was a product that slithers and hisses at your feet like a loyal rattlesnake. Murmurs give way to searing feedback tones, trumpet bleats are cut up and fed thru distortion, bells chime and dissolve, and the whole mess is as organic as it is twisted. Get it before it's gone. Edition of 50, $5 ppd.



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