Tuesday, October 30, 2018

HSFB/Parashi "Assassins" CDR (Skell 025)

Physical documentation of a blistering session between HSFB and Parashi, recorded in June 2018 at Heron Room North. HSFB and Parashi meld minds over a variety of synths and pedals, weaving a tangled blanket of of electronic scuzz that's sometimes spare, sometimes dense, and endlessly dynamic. Max Hamel (HSFB) is a Hudson Valley electronics shredder who has collaborated with Al Margolis, Crank Sturgeon, and Tongue Depressor. After a chance meeting at a show, Hamel and Griffin realized there was commonality in their respective soundworlds and that a collab was in order. Dig in--the water's poisonous, and filled with plastic refuse and landmines.....email urkaslife@gmail.com for orders/shipping etc. $6.00, edition of 40.

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