Sunday, February 15, 2015

Chapels/Curling Hands split tape (Skell 020)

Very excited about this tape--Buffalo's Adam Richards has been at it for years, both with his excellent label House of Alchemy and his well-documented Chapels project. Tape loops, reverb, broken instrumentation, and carefully arranged, fragmentary bits of sonic debris have characterized his work in the past. "Things I Saw on My Way to the Lake" qualifies as classic Chapels.
Within you will find elements of creeping shadows, forgotten dreams, inexplicable paranoia, and any number of disorienting effects. In short, it's a crusher.....

Liam Rees is a multi-instrumentalist currently residing in London, equally comfortable with raga, psych rock, or noise. His Curling Hands project has a couple of self-released tapes to its name, and on his Skell debut we are happy to say that his dark, noise-inflected viola jams are scratching an itch we didn't even know we had. "The Terminal Object" aches and seethes with care and skill....both sides of this tape will NOT let you down. Pro-dubbed, edition of 50. $7 ppd. USA, $13 ppd. for the rest of the world.


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