Sunday, February 15, 2015

Insects Waiting--Nonsense Codes Vol. 2 (Skell 018)

Mysterious transatlantic duo Insects Waiting return with the 2nd volume of their "Nonsense Codes", following last year's release of "Vol. 1" on the excellent Tape Drift Records. American Eric Hardiman and Scotsman Euan Currie combine their arsenals of sonic trickery, sharpened over the years in their respective main projects Rambutan and Dead Labour Process. The resulting sounds originate more from tapes and loops rather than synthesizers or stringed instruments, and Currie's edits yield a puzzling and compelling series of tracks. Recorded in Edinburgh in 2013, the vibe is a quieter one, pensive and carefully developed throughout. Pro-dubbed, edition of 50. $7 USA, $13 for the rest of the world.


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