Sunday, February 15, 2015

Xanthocephalus/Nodolby split tape (Skell 019)

Two noise dudes who like the bass--that's the idea here, one from Brooklyn, one from Italy. Xanthocephalus has been dropping low-end madness upon the world since 2011, with heavy past releases on labels like Tranquility Tapes and Kendra Steiner Editions. Xantho mainman Russ Alderson utilizes a barrage of noisemakers and synth devices along with his electric bass to create churning megascapes of sound; grab hold of one of these icebergs and let it tow you out into the frigid oceans.

Mic Scariot is Nodolby, an unclassifiable and interesting noisemaker if I've ever heard one. Past efforts have surfaced on such fine imprints as Digitalis, Retrograde Tapes, and Obsolete Units. Years ago I heard a c10 by Nodolby, and was hooked...this particular release showcases some occasionally brutal sounds, all balanced within a framework that hangs together delicately. Mic also runs Italy's Dokuro Records, a label brimming with crucial releases by artists like Antony Milton, Mike Shiflet, as well as Skell Records vets Hering und seine 7 Sachen and Vales. Pro-dubbed, edition of 50. $7 ppd USA, $13 rest of the world.


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