Sunday, February 15, 2015

SECTION 35/CASE split tape (Skell 021)

Totally stoked to put out this split tape--Nathaniel Brennan has been melting minds with his main project Cruudeuces for a long time, while in recent years Jeff Case has been working out his own brand of slow-burning, dubbed-out menace. SECTION 35's muttering unease will grab you instantly, with dank beats, narcotized vox, and an atmosphere of miasmic dread. Horns bleat, shrill synths oscillate and unwind, and a blanket of tape hiss disfigures even the most recognizable sounds. Beautiful and cryptic stuff, end-time jams for end-time folks.....

CASE's side of things is only slightly less bleak, as rolling waves of slithering noises manifest themselves and decay slowly, creating interlocking patterns of tonality and silence. Far removed from his work behind the drums as one half of Burnt Hills' percussive engine, these sounds are haunted and haunting, best enjoyed in the small hours. Pro-dubbed, edition of 50. $7 ppd. USA, $13 worldwide.


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